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Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:

Your presenters are: Cheryl Gilliam, President, Bill Abel, President-Elect, Melanie Fisher, Vice-President


It has been two weeks since the June 4th Judicial Council meeting at Jekyll Island.
Judge Sara Doyle, Chairperson of the Court Reporting Matters Committee, has opened up the period for public comment. This window is open for 60 days.
Once again, GSRA is prepared to invest the necessary time and expense to ensure ALL emails of concern are forwarded to Judicial Council members for their consideration.
We have begun working with official court reporters around the state to help us. If you are an official court reporter, it is vitally important that you participate in this endeavor.
In its wisdom, our Judicial Council did NOT tentatively pass these recommendations in its June 4 meeting without first opening the period for public opinion.
GSRA will ensure that every council member receives ALL emails of concern. We plan to assemble individual notebooks filled with emails from court reporters, judges, attorneys, and any other interested party who wishes to be heard. These notebooks will be delivered to each Judicial Council member at the appropriate time.


BEFORE YOU TAKE ACTION, we implore you to read the attached proposed recommendations that the Court Reporting Matters Committee has submitted to the Judicial Council for a final vote in September. You cannot appreciate the gravity of this situation unless you comprehend and understand fully what is at stake. Judge Doyle at the last Judicial Council meeting requested all emails concerning court reporting issues must be sent to her to be looked at by all the committee members of the Court Reporting Matters Committee. The CRMC has requested that all emails concerning court reporting issues must be sent to them to be looked at by all the committee members of the Court Reporting Matters Committee. Their address is Again, please copy GSRA at with your correspondence to the CRMC.

See documents here:
Judge Altman letter 2014 signed.pdf
Hon Judge Iannazzone Comments.pdf
Christine Clark Comments.pdf
CRMC Policies - Critical Concerns from GCCRA and GSRA FINAL.pdf
Examples of Letters to JC.pdf

GSRA has addressed issues that we feel are most detrimental to our profession. We've concentrated on the introduction of a fourth method of takedown in Georgia as well as being mindful of government and present-day economics. We realize, however, that everyone has their own set of concerns, some of which may not comport with ours. We want to ensure that YOUR concerns are considered as well. There are over 1,000 court reporters in the state of Georgia. We want to flood Council members with hundreds of emails of concern.

• READ the recommendations first! Documents are listed above. What is highlighted in brown are GSRA's suggested changes.
• Form your thoughts and speak with fellow reporters. If you are in a courthouse with several reporters, meet and have open discussions about your views before writing individual emails. Write whatever you want. We want you to be as vocal as possible. This is YOUR livelihood at stake. You have the right to fight for what you believe in. We just ask that you be mindful of whom it is that you are addressing and that the Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court made it clear that we are to be civil but vocal. No ugly remarks or personal attacks.
• If you have an open line of communication with your judge, district attorney, public defender or attorney in private practice, see if they are amendable to writing an email as well.
• The deadline for the period of public comment is July 30, 2014. Please submit your emails of concern and address them to the Honorable Sara Doyle at the following address:
• Please forward your emails to GSRA at contact@gsra.orgor mail them to us at 3659 Chattahoochee Summit Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 30339, no later than July 15, 2014. This gives us two weeks to gather, print, bind, and deliver the notebooks.

TO RECAP: It is vitally important that all reporters email the CRMC with their concerns and also email or mail a copy to GSRA so that we can compile them and reprint them and have them made into a large binder to then go to every judge on the Judicial Council and every judge in the state if need be. GSRA will bear the cost of production and getting them prepared starting with the highest government officials at the top and then court reporters so they see that we have many supporters and few detractors.
Keep your message focused and to the point. It is critical that your voice be heard and just as important that you block your calendar for the next judicial council meeting to be held in September. As soon as we verify the date certain, we will post it and eblast it.

Attendance is critical. Numbers DO count.

Folks, this time we are really in for the battle to save our profession. Attendance is very critical. We need a large number of reporters there to show that we take this seriously and that we are there to hear who is proposing what and support members of the judiciary who are there supporting us. As important as the emails are, attendance is as important, if not more so.

The next Judicial Council of Georgia meeting is tentatively set to meet Thursday, September 25th, 2014, at the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.

Your continued support of the Defense Fund is what today is all about. Our lobbyists have been and continue to work hard to keep our jobs secure. We must continue to fund this initiative.

New Policy

Superior Court of Fulton County: As of May 15,2015, all court reporters will be required to be certified as a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR)

Click here to read Policy 2014-001: Standards for Court Reporter in Superior Court (Certification and Skills)

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Cheryl Gilliam

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Cheryl Gilliam, RMR
GSRA President

Ethics: What's the Big Deal?

What is the big deal? It's simple: A certified shorthand reporter is a neutral officer of the court, as is a judge, a clerk and a bailiff, and are statutorily prohibited under the codes of professional conduct from undisclosed contracting, unfair and/or inequitable provision of services and billing. And, Registered Professional Reporters certified by the National Court Reporters Association MUST abide by the Code of Professional Ethics.

You would be shocked if a judge had a contract with one of the parties-in-interest. You should feel equally violated if your neutral court reporter is a captured, third-party contractor as well.

On April 22, 2013, Magna Legal Services filed suit against the Arizona Board of Certified Reporters and its individual members, burdening Arizona taxpayers with defending said suit in an effort to boost its corporate profits back in Philadelphia.

If you are interested in contributing to help offset the cost of ACRA's endeavors to advocate for the Arizona Board of Certified Reporters and their enduring efforts to preserve the neutrality and impartiality of court reporters as officers of the court, you can make a contribution to the ACRA Professional Preservation Fund (PPF) through the ACRA Online Store.

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