Myths about Roulette that Have Been Afloat for a Long Time


Gambling is one such domain which always abounds in myths. There are myths of all kinds. From some extremely unfounded fears about this space to myths that sound true, you will find the domain interspersed with lies of all kinds. And one game that tops the list when we talk about myths related to gambling is that of roulette. Roulette is an extremely popular game and contributes significantly to the industry’s business. And that is why it is necessary to take stock of the situation at times and bust all the myths that one can hear about this game. Therefore, without any delay, let us bust one myth at a time throughout the article.

Myth #1: Adopting a Progressive Betting System Shall Work Every Time

Sticking to any system for a long period in any game of chance does not work. This is a myth and an ill practice that must be nipped right in the bud. For those who are unaware of what the progressive betting system is, here is what you need to know. Gamblers often believe that it shall be wise to lower the stakes after a big win and raise the stakes after a loss. However, this system has been observed to be faulty at its very core and has resulted in nothing but more losses. There is no logic to this system, and is thus, a myth that must be busted.

Roulette Strategy

Myth #2: Roulette is All about Strategy

The second myth that we hear a lot about roulette is that it is a strategy game. In all honesty, there is no one strategy that you can adopt if you want to win at roulette consistently. Unlike other games where you can count cards or calculate the odds, roulette has little scope for these techniques. Therefore, there is no point in trying to cheat or devise a strategy that you think can help you win every time. You have to take your chances and calibrate the risk you take. Roulette has no effective strategy in place, and gamblers must note this.

Myth #3: Past Results Can Help Decide the Future Moves

Here is another myth that needs to be debunked concerning roulette. It is a great idea to reflect on your past actions and moves. However, that must not determine your future moves in roulette. There is no guarantee that your decisions based on the past results will earn you lucrative results. This might be true in the case of other casino games, but definitely not in the case of roulette. Therefore, here is your third and final myth regarding roulette that must be busted.


Roulette is a fun game; however, there is only so much that you can do while spinning the wheel. You could take caution, and assess your choices and past behavior. However, that must not be all you do to make the right decisions while spinning the wheel. In fact, this is just a myth, among many others and must be noted.

Myths about Roulette that Have Been Afloat for a Long Time

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